Tips for selling your home from...
Wilson Realty

The best way to sell your property quickly is to create an atmosphere that will charm buyers and make them want to own your house.

You won't get the chance to make a second impression on a potential buyer if he is put off by the appearance of your property the first time he sees it. 

Follow these simple guidelines to increase your potential for a quick sale. . . you'll probably find the right buyer in a very short time.


Landscape: Go across the street and look at your home.  Does it have "curb appeal"?
Keep lawns cut and edged.  Trim or cut back bushes, hedges and trees so your home can been seen.  Remove any dead foliage and other debris.  Accent corners and entry area with colorful flowers.

Exterior Doors: Your front door is your first impression before you enter the house. Paint that front door, if appropriate, hang a wreath and put a plant by the door. Repair doors that close improperly or squeak.

Exterior Structure: If paint appears dull or faded, spend the extra dollars for new paint, at least, wash entire exterior with a high pressure hose.  Nothing is cheaper than paint to increase the value of your home.  Buyers will take thousands of dollars off their offer if this property needs painting.

Roof: Check all shingles and flashing; repair if necessary to avoid any future questions from a buyer and home inspector.


 Kitchen, Baths:     Clean all appliances..  Repair leaky plumbing and remove water stains from fixtures, basins and tubs.  Clean and repair all tile grout.  Clear off counters for spaciousness and remove photo's, notes, etc. off the refrigerator door. Clean inside cabinets; remove clutter for roomy appearance.

Carpets, Window Coverings: Clean or replace - if you replace choose neutral light colors.

Paint:  Wash walls and door jams that appear dull or dirty.  Paint rooms white or off-white so that they appear expansive.  Tack down any loose moldings and glue down wallpaper that has lifted.

Furniture:  Too much furniture makes rooms appear small.  Rearrange or remove some furniture to create wide open traffic flow areas.

Lighting:  Bright lighting attracts and creates an airy feeling.  Place high intensity light bulbs throughout the house.

Ventilate:  Air out all rooms to eliminate odors, especially kitchen, baths, and rooms that are not used frequently. Use room and carpet deodorizers with a pleasant scent. Make your home as pleasant as possible. 


Now is the time for spring cleaning and a garage sale. Clean shelves and overhead storage.  It's important to make your storage areas appear expansive so remove all clutter.  Reduce volume by getting rid of those items that have collected dust for years.  Clean and organize tools and work areas, too.  After all, you will be moving soon and this will make packing easier!

Buying a home is usually an emotional experience.  People make the decision to purchase based on their "feelings".  Get the competitive edge when you make the few improvements necessary to generate a demand for your house.  The subconscious appeal that you create may affect your sales price and help you sell more quickly.